About Akholi

Over the past 20 years, I have worked with leaders in Ukraine to build the technology industry. I wrote the national technology industry development strategy with the Vice Prime Minister. I helped launch technology companies in the country. Most importantly, I created collaborative workforce development programs in Ukraine that partnered international employers with Ukrainian academia to create high-demand talent. One such program (biostatcenter.com) launched an entirely new industry in Ukraine. Over 20 international pharmaceutical and clinical trials companies opened offices in Ukraine to hire talent The Center for Biostatistical Programming created.

I have numerous friends and hundreds of former employees living in Ukraine struggling with a new heartbreaking reality. The war in Ukraine is not a news headline for me. This is personal.

-Phil Hatch, Akholi Managing Director.


UNDP estimates that 30% of Ukrainians have been thrust into poverty due to the war. By the end of the year, over 90% of Ukrainians will likely be living in poverty. In the coming weeks, as many as 100,000 Ukrainians with skills such as social marketing and software development will likely be looking for a job. Fortunately, most of these people can work remotely for companies in the West.

I launched Akholi specifically to make a difference in Ukraine. Akholi will:

  1. Place Ukrainian workers on contract projects with Western companies, allowing Ukrainians to continue providing for their families during and following the war.
  2. Use the infrastructure created through Akholi to help Ukraine relaunch its IP economy following the war.


I need your help. I ask that you hire a Ukrainian on a remote contract to help the people of Ukraine provide for their families through this humanitarian crisis.

How You Can Help: Hire Ukrainians

  1. Akholi offers software development and other technical workers from Ukraine to Western companies through a contract labor model (contingency labor/staffing model).
  2. Contractors will be billed on a flat monthly rate to clientele in the West.
  3. Akholi will charge a nominal processing fee to cover overhead costs and expenses related to building out the infrastructure in Ukraine needed to help relaunch the IP economy following the war.