About Akholi Research

Who We Are

Akholi Research, a not for profit organization, was founded by senior executives from the Investment Banking, outsourcing, workforce and economic development community. We bring vast expertise and proven thought leadership in both workforce and economic development to every engagement. We have experience working with over a dozen countries around the world on a variety of job creation, labor shortage, immigration, workforce development and economic development projects.

What We Do

Akholi Research works with government agencies to develop their workforce and grow their economy. We provide the following:

Workforce & Economic Research

Our foundation for every project is an in-depth analysis of the client country. Using a combination of publicly available data (from IMF, UN, World Bank and others), our own data and our own analysis, we help countries understand the following:

  • Overall current-state economic performance.
  • Development and alignment of the greater workforce.
  • Effectiveness of the country in leveraging their workforce for economic growth.
  • Limiters to economic and workforce development.
  • Theoretical economic targets.
  • Recommended steps to develop both the workforce and economy.
  • Perspective and brand perception from the world’s largest employers.
  • Steps to improve global brand perception and increase global private sector.
  • involvement in the development of both the workforce and greater economy.

Workforce & Economic Development Planning

Post initial assessment, we work with countries to plan both workforce and economic development programs on a consultative basis. We bring a true global perspective and unique insight into how the country can improve global private sector participation in workforce and economic development.

Program Management

On a limited basis, we are available for more in-depth and hands on engagements with countries as time permits. Post assessment and planning, we have helped countries activate projects on a variety of economic and workforce projects. A sampling of the projects we have been heavily involved with:

  • Trade and special economic zone development.
  • Joint public-private sector workforce development programs.
  • Domestic exporter / vendor development.
  • Capital flight mitigation.
  • FDI development.
  • Captive center development.
  • General industry development with a focus on increasing global private sector involvement.
  • Labor shortage and foreign worker management programs.
  • Jobs creation programs.
  • Workforce flight (brain drain) mitigation programs.